Coffee Shop NOW open and What to buy now...

4th February 2016

After several days deep clean and refurbishment, our Coffee Shop is open again today and looking forward to seeing you with a new 2016 menu!  To view the new menu, visit the Coffee Shop page.

With temperatures yo-yoing we are layering our staples with exciting new pieces.  A classic ‘pussy-bow’ blouse with a blazer or skirt suit are high on our ‘cheer-up our wardrobe’ list.  And a modern bomber paired with our polished mid-length skirts, ankle boots and a scarf are perfect as the temperature continues to fluctuate.  Cropped flares are easy to wear, flattering, practical and perfect with a tailored jacket and block heels or a knit and flats. And our ultimate wardrobe rejuvenator is a new bag!  The sporty sophistication of the modern, minimalist rucksack and the freshness of the bucket bag make our wardrobes feel complete.    

Come in to see our new arrivals today!